2014 Annual Report

In 2014, Palo Alto Lean In turned a year old. Much like a child’s first tentative steps which eventually turn bold, we too took some bold steps. We:

  • Created a solid foundation for sustainable growth
  • Forged great partnerships and positioned ourselves for greater impact
  • Experimented and made discoveries
  • Created a safe place for members to grow and evolve

This year we reached 500 members. We helped countless women bring their bolder, braver, and bigger versions to work and at home. – Myra Nawabi, Circle Facilitator

Hear from our members:

What have you learned from Palo Alto Lean In? That we women really can and do support each other. I was beginning to doubt whether the support structures we need in our careers (especially women entrepreneurs going it solo) really exist, and with Lean In I re-learned that yes, they do. It feels amazing to have found such a group.
– Birgitte, author and entrepreneur

Read more in our full Palo Alto Lean In 2014 Annual Report.


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